1. 5th Sunday After Epiphany_22.mp3

1. Being Captivated

2. 6th Sunday After Epiphany_22.mp3

2. Reversals: Poor and the Rich; Hungry and the Satisfied

3. 7th Sunday After Epiphany_22.mp3

3. Children of the Most High?

4. Ash Wednesday_22.mp3

4. Ash Wednesday

5. The First Sunday in Lent_22.mp3

5. Identity Theft

6. Lent Week 1 I AM the Bread of Life_22.mp3

6. Lent Week 1 I AM the Bread of Life

7. The Second Sunday in Lent_22.mp3

7. Trust and Fear, Trust With Fear, Fear With Trust

8. Lent Week 2 I AM the Light of the World_22.mp3

8. Lent Week 2 I AM the Light of the World

9. The Third Sunday in Lent_22.mp3

9. Is God Judging Us With COVID?

10. Lent Week 3 I AM the Door_22.mp3

10. Lent Week 3 I AM the Door

11. The Fourth Sunday in Lent_22.mp3

11. Two Sons With a Strange Father

12. Lent Week 4 I AM the Good Shepherd_22.mp3

12. Lent Week 4 I AM the Good Shepherd

13. The Fifth Sunday in Lent_22.mp3

13. The Smell that Reaches All; The Love That Touches All

14. Lent Week 5 I AM the Resurrection and the Life_22.mp3

14. Lent Week 5 I AM the Resurrection

15. Palm Sunday.mp3

15. First Alone, Then Picturing the Courtyard, Finally Going to Where We Are

16. Maundy Thursday_22.mp3

16. How to Explain What Seems  Absurd

17. Easter Sunday_22.mp3

17. The Rock We Cling to When the Unexpected Occurs

18. Second Sunday of Easter.mp3

18. Wanting the Experience Others Have Had

19. Third Sunday of Easter.mp3

19. The Touch of God...One Life Touched, or Many?

20. Fourth Sunday of Easter.mp3

20. Around the Little, Tiny Lamb

21. God is Stirring the Pot.mp3

21. God is Stirring the Pot

22. Not As the World Gives.mp3

22. Not as the World Gives

23. He is Praying for Us.mp3

23. He is Praying for Us

24. Day of Pentecost-2022.mp3

24. Was God Punishing or Protecting?

25. Holy Trinity Sunday-2022.mp3

25. Around the Next Corner

26. Second Sunday Pentecost_2022.mp3

26. Forgotten?

27. Third Sunday of Pentecost_2022.mp3

27. War Zone

28. 4th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

28. Be a Friend, Bring a Friend

29. 5th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

29. What If We Identified With

30. Sixth Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

30. Reconcile All Things

31. To Whom Am I Praying To_2022.mp3

31. To Whom Am I Praying To

32. 8th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

32. Rich Toward God

33. 9th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

33. Move

34. 10th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

34. Fire

35. 11th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

35.  Go Your Sins Are Forgiven

36. 12th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

36. Eating Together

37. 13th Sunday After Pentecost.mp3

37. A Slave Comes Back

38. 14th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

38. Shame or Joy

39. 15th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

39. What About Tomorrow

40. 16th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

40. How Does God Feel About the Poor

41. 17th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

41.  Increase Our Faith

42. 18th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

42.  A Mighty Warrior, a Little Girl, and God

43. 19th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

43. Wrestling

44. 20th Sunday After Pentecost_2022.mp3

44. Thanking God We Are Not

45. Reformation Sunday_2022.mp3

45. Estranged

46. All Saints Sunday_2022.mp3

46. The Hidden God

47. 23rd Sunday After Pentecos_2022.mp3

47. The End of the World

48. Christ the King_2022.mp3

48. Jesus, Remember Me

49. First Sunday in Advent_2022.mp3

49. How Shall We Wait

50. Second Sunday in Advent_2022.mp3

50. He Said Repent

51. Third Sunday in Advent_2022.mp3

51. Are You the One?

52. 4th Sunday in Advent_2022.mp3

52. Struggling With What to Do

53. Christmas Eve_2022.mp3

53. Christmas Eve

54. Christmas Day_2022.mp3

54. Christmas Day Message from Pastor Jack

55. 2nd Sunday of Christmas_2022.mp3

55. A Gift For You - Kirk Lombardy

56. Baptism of Our Lord_2023.mp3

56. Here is My Servant

57. 2nd Sunday After Epiphany.mp3

57. Up From the Pit

58. Third Sunday After Epiphany_2023.mp3

58. Do You Hear Him Calling?

59. 4th Sunday After Epiphany_2023.mp3

59. Blessed Are Whom?

60, 5th Sunday After Epiphany_2023.mp3

60. The Light of the World

61. Sixth Sunday After Epiphany_2023.mp3

61. O That My Ways

62. Transfiguration of Our Lord.mp3

62. The Iron Rod That Shatters

63. Ash Wednesday_2023.mp3

63. God is Gracious and Merciful

64. 1st Sunday in Lent_2023.mp3

64. Do We Know This Story?

65. First Wednesday in Lent_2023.mp3

65. Rekindle Your Spirit

66. Second Sunday in Lent_2023.mp3

66.Conversation With the Son of God

67. Second Wednesday in Lent_2023.mp3

67. Walk With Me Jesus

68. Third Sunday in Lent_2023.mp3

68. What Does God Love

69. Fourth Sunday in Lent_2023.mp3

69. The Good Shepherd is Calling You and Loves You

70. Fourth Wednesday in Lent_2023.mp3

70. Do it Unto the Least of These, You Do it Unto Me

71. Palm Sunday_2023.mp3

71. Blessed are the Meek

72. Maundy Thursday_2023.mp3

72. Missing?

73. Easter Sunday_2023.mp3

73. Earthquake

74. Second Sunday of Easter_2023.mp3

74. A Living Hope

75. Third Sunday of Easter_2023.mp3

75. How Far

76. Fourth Sunday of Easter_2023.mp3

76. This Side of the Door

77. Fifth Sunday of Easter_2023.mp3

77. Gazing at the Glory of God

78. Sixth Sunday of Easter_2023.mp3

78. Common Ground

79. Seventh Sunday of Easter_2023.mp3

79. Devoted to Prayer

80. Day of Pentecost_2023.mp3

80. Limitless